Friday, September 4, 2009

Waiver of Domicile for Wards

Dear Veteran Jayvant Walawalkar,
Regards. The matter raised by you regarding the admission of a dependent comes under the education which is a state subject and you have to convince the state in which you want to get admission for your dependent. As such, govt. of India will not be able to make any policy regarding this Now in Punjab, we have moved with the govt. and they have agreed for removal of Domicile certificate for Defence Personnel, presently serving, but we will try for ex-servicemen also. You can see the cutting of a Newspaper, Tribune dt. 28-8-2009.
As such, I request to you take up this matter with some organization of ex-servicemen working effectively in that state where admission is required, so that they should convince the state govt. to get you this facility for you.
Veteran Prabhhot Singh Chhatwal PLS (Retd.)
Indian Ex-Services League, Punjab & Chandigarh.
Friday, September 4, 2009 6:51 PM
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"prabhjot singh"
Respected Sir,
I am very thankful for reading my e-mail, respected sir, my only request is, Ex Serviceman is Ex-serviceman for entire INDIA, after release from service they resettle in various states of India for want of re -employment, Only thing I request is any district solders welfare board across India should extend help to ex Servicemen of any state, so long education of the ward of Ex Servicemen concerned. respected sir, kindly note a funniest thing, Ex servicemen can draw liquor quota anywhere across India, but if they want a certificate stating that he is ex servicemen for want of admission of their ward at any college other than home state, he has to rush back to home district solder board for certification, this practise should be discontinued.
Respected sir, kindly help ex servicemen for higher education of their child.
Thanks & Regards,
JY Walawalkar
From: prabhjot singh
Sent: Friday, 4 September, 2009 10:13:39 PM
Dear Veteran Jayant,
Regards.I have gone through your mail sent to Veteran Govini who has passed this to me for a suiatable remedial measure.I really apreciate your feeling about our bretheren ex-servicemen and their dependents.Please let me know, specifically, what you want us to do in the case which you have narrated in your mail.I assure you, we all will try to do what ever is possible to do by us.O.K. I want to hear from you at an early date .
Veteran Ptabhjot Singh Chhatwal Pls Retd.

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