Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PBORs must unite to fight the rogues in society

Dear Veterans,
Regards. I have just gone through the message posted by, my brethern, Muthukrishanan on his blog regarding the injustice done to the PBORs specially upto the rank Hav and equivalent ranks in other wings i.e. Air Force and Navy. He is absolutely right but we should not get disappointed by this rather fight the injustice by uniting ourselves. Needless to say that in this country only the number counts and PBORs are 96 % whereas officers only 4 % but they manipulate to get their dues ands the PBORs go on praying GOD.
My brethern, we must be very clear in our mind that we will not get any thing by sitting like this . We must first unite under one banner but we must be wise enough to select the banner who should sacredly look after our welfare.We in Punjab could give this idea a practical shape and I am in front of you who joined this organization (which was also an officer dominated organization) as a common member and now I am unanimously elected President of this organization.It took me long time and hard labour to rise to this position but I am happy I have done a thing which so farwas thought impossible. My advice to PBOR bretherns is that they should work hard and try to capture power which we, ourselves, have surrendered to those who are mearly 4 %. Then unite and see the result. I shall continue this dialogue after hearing from you. I think when we converse on the blog we should not write our Rank which is a thing of past. Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.


  1. Sir,

    All the best and congratulations again for this New effort, which was long overdue.

    In fact I was trying to blog since morning and could not get connected. Now the wait is over.

    I agree with ur views that we should avoid mentioning ranks. Had shocking experience that a couple officers attaked on my rank (which I proudly been using and continue to do so where it counts) on seeing that my contribution to that blog was very positive. Fortunately, many officers came to my rescue, appreciated and encouraged my efforts. Even the blog owner desribed those remarks against me as UNFORTUNATE. I am more concentrating on our PBOR issues and avoid confrontation there.

    Gavini VN


    Dear Veterans,

    Govt. of India , Ministry of Defence, vide its letter No. 96410/Q/DDGCS dt. 23 Oct. 2008 issued by Integrated HQ of MOD (Army) Army HQs / QMG's Branch, Dy. Dte. Gen. Canteen Services, has authorized serving and retired PBORs to purchase four wheelers through the CSD with effect from 01 Jan 2009 up to 1300 CC capacity.

    This facility has been accorded to PBORs as a result of great struggle by various ESM organizations including Indian Ex-Services League, Punjab & Chandigarh, headed by the undersigned. However, we are utterly disappointed by the eligibility conditions imposed by Ministry of Defence on the purchase of car through CSD by PBORs. Following conditions are to be fulfilled by the PBORs before they can purchase car:-

    1. PBOR should have retired honorably with pension after a colour service of 15 years.

    2. The retired PBORs shall submit an affidavit of Rs. 5/-on Non Judicial Stamp Paper covering the following:-

    (a) He has not purchased the car in the last 5 years (for JCO) and 7 years (for other rank).

    (b) The vehicle is for his personal use.

    (c) Vehicle will be registered on his name.

    Entry with regards to purchase of car by retd PBOR will be made on the original PPO at the Depot.

    After that CSD will take the following action:-

    (a) Verify the correctness of the details furnished by the PBOR.
    (b) Cross check from CSD HO whether the Concerned PBOR has already purchased a car from any other CSD Depot in the last 5 / 7 years.
    (c) Share the data with regards to purchase of car by PBOR with other depots.

    PBOR will be allowed to purchase the car only after receipt of confirmation from CSD Head Office.

    No such condition is applicable to officer and all officers including ECs and SSCs, not drawing pension, are allowed to purchase a car of any capacity after a gap of 2 years.

    This organization has already taken of the case of these additional conditions applicable to PBORs with Integrated HQ of MOD (Army) Adjutant General's Branch and they have further asked QMG Branch for the reasons for the additional conditions applicable to PBORs vide their letter no. B/33152/AG/PS-2(c) dt. 5 June 2009 with a copy to this league HQ.

    So far no reply has been received from QMG Branch. Same will be displayed on this blog as and when received.

    Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS (Retd) President.
    Indian Ex-Services League, Punjab & Chandigarh .
    Mob. 98554-09128 Telefax- 0175- 5000896.

  3. Sunday, August 23, 2009
    Woes of PBORs VETERANS

    IESL/13/2009 Dt……22August, 2009

    Hon'ble Prime Minister of India ,
    Prime Minister's office,
    New Delhi – 110 011.

    Sub:Woes of PBORs Veterans.
    Most Respected Sir,
    The PBORs veterans were much elated to find the announcement of improved pension for PBORs in the Union Budget presented by your govt. on 6-7-2009 and then your announcement on 15 August, 2009 but now they feel much depressed since bureaucrats are delaying the process of implementation only to please the Senior Veterans who still matter in bureaucratic set up in your govt. and trying to keep the PBORs frustrated till they succeed in meeting their personal designs to embarrass your govt.
    As such, the orders for removing the anomaly in the pay of Maj. Generals (implementing the court decision) and grant of improved pay grade to Lt. Generals, which were announced later (on. 12-7-2009) in Lok Sabha by Defence Minister, A.K. Antony, to calm down the much flared Senior Veterans after the Budgetary announcement for PBORs, have been issued about a fortnight ago but the orders regarding improved pension to PBORs have, so far, not been issued.
    Similarly, instruction regarding disbursement of regular pension to Hony. Nab. Sub. have also not been issued by PCDA / CGDA resulting in to much frustration among the PBORs. Orders for grant of pension to PBORs at the rate of 70% of the last pay drawn, which were agreed by the govt. long ago, have also not been issued yet.
    Vows of PBORs do not end at this stage. your Govt. has been kind enough to grant additional pension to aged veterans who attain the age of 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100 years. Since the date of birth of most of PBORs Veterans is not mentioned in their PPO's, they are not able to receive this benefit so far, though Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare (pertaining to civilian pensioners) has issued the instructions vide their letter no. 21-5-2009 to consider certain documents, such as Pan Card, Passports, CGHS Card, Matriculation Certificates, Driving License and Election ID Card etc as proof of date of birth to make the payment of additional pension to Civilian Pensioners and advised Ministry of Defence to issue such instructions for veterans also but the concerned ministry i.e. Ministry of Defence has, so far, not taken any step to enable the Veterans to receive the additional pension, perhaps they may be waiting for the permanent departure of old veterans from this world. This is creating a great resentment among the PBORs and bringing a bad name to your govt.
    We, therefore, pray thee to take necessary action in this regard and instruct the concerned depts. to do the needful at the earliest to relieve the PBORs of their agony
    We shall be much obliged..

    Yours Sincerely.
    Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS (Retd)
    President. Indian Ex-Exservices League,Punjab &
    Mob.98554-09128 ,Ph.0175-5000896.

    Copy: 1. Secretary to Govt. of India Ministry of Defence,Deptt. of Defence Welfare, Sena Bhawan, NewDelhi

    2. PCDA Allahabad –

    3. CGDA R.K. Puram, New Delhi-

    4. Integrated HQ of MoD (Army) Adjutant General's Branch, Addl. Dte. Gen. Personnel Services Sena Bhawan New Delhi w..r.t. their letter no. B/38207/ Pay Com/AG/ PS-5 dt. 01 July, 2009 (Copy enclosed for ready reference). Sir, is it possible to clear the misconception in minds of ex-servicemen fraternity under such circumstances?

    5. Harbans Singh Director (Pensions), Ministry of Defence, New Delhi Phone no. (011)23015609-

    All for information and deemed necessary

  4. My Dear Prabhjot Singhji,

    I am happy u have started a Blog for PBOR.
    I wish u all success in your endeavour. I will
    follow your guidlines. We have to fight vigorusly with the Govt. for the rights of the
    of the PBOR separately. I will list the injustice one by one from now onwards.

    Please keep posting regularly and send a copy
    to the concerned Department Secretaries and
    the Chiefs of Staff.

  5. Prabjot : It gives great pride to see that a SNCO is the president of EX-Servicemen association, specially in a place like Punjab which is highly obssessed with Officers. Let us unite overself and fight for the issue of our PBORs brothers which have been always used and betrayed.
    Can you please put enlighten us on the pension of Post 06 PBORs, which govt promised to clear 70% of last pay drwan but no where in b&w.

  6. DearRaender,
    Regards. Please find below aletter for unity which I sent to few blogs long ago in response readers views

    A Letter for Unity,

    Dear Veterans,

    Thanks for the complements though I, personally, do not deserve the same. It is my organisation which has given me a chance to contribute a bit towards the welfare of my brethren. As for as the unity is concerned, we are open for unity on merit (R) merit with any oganisation working for the same goal.
    Root cause of dis-unity among the Veterans is none else than rank -consciousness and if we remove that every thing will be smooth. I am proud of my body, Indian Ex- Services League, Punjab and Chandigarh, which has emerged as First body of Veterans to shed the rank-consciousness. As a result ,I am here in front of you working as President of the body in which a no. of Brigadiers are adoring the organisation as common members. Most of our Distt.Presidents are doning the Rank of Col.and Lt.Col. I joined this body as a common member about 34 years ago and on 21st December,2008 my body has honoured me by electing me as 4th President, unanimously, for a term of Five years.
    Late Maj.Gen Mohinder Singh (Retd) headed this body from April, 1978 to March,1984 as 1st President when Late Lt.Gen Gurbachan Singh 'Buch' (Retd) became its 2nd President and lead the body till July,1998 when he was ordained by the almighty to leave this world. Lt Col.Chanan Singh Dhillon (Retd) became 3rd President of this democratic body of Veterans and worked as such upto 21st December,2008 when I was elected to shoulder the responsibility of leading this body of Veterans. Our organisation has, already, submitted a couple of communiques regarding the demands of Veterans to High Powered Commmittee headed by Mr S.M. Acharya Secy. Defence Welfare, on its own, since IESM could not entertain any thing other than OROP. I had a long talk with Gen.Kadian and Brig. Kamboj about five months ago.
    But I must say, earnestly, that every right- thinking Veteran or a body of Veterans is contributing its might towards the welfare of Veterans
    God bless all.

    Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLs Retd.

    President,Indian Ex-Services League,

    Punjab & Chandigarh.

    Mob.98554-09128 Tel-Fax 0175-5000896.

  7. Dear Veterans,
    Regards. Please find below an e-mail from Col. Joshi regarding the functioning of DGR and ZSBs.

    From: Col Joshi
    Subject: [indianveterans] Re: DTE GEN OF RESETTELMENT/ ZILA SAINIK BOARDS
    Date: Friday, 4 September, 2009, 11:34 AM

    My Dear Sir ,
    1. This is with ref to your post on DGR and sainik Boards.
    2. The Kendriya Sainik Board ( KSB ) Delhi , Rajya Sainik Boards ( RSB ) at state Capitals and Distt Sainik Boards at Distt level are STATUTOTRY CONSTITUTIONAL BODIES.
    3. The Chairmen/Presidents of these bodies are PRESIDENT OF INDIA for KSB, The Governors of States for RSBs and Distt collectors for DSBs.
    4. The members incl very senior ministers by appointment and very senior Armed Forces officials at centre and state level. For Example , the Chief Min of Raj , Min for ESM welfare Raj , Army Cdrs SOUTH WEST Comd and Southern comd and AOC in C Western Air comd are members of RAJYA SAINIC BOARD , RAJASTHAN.
    5. ALL these boards have specific written down charters of duties. There is permanent staff employed who are PAID GOVT SERVANTS exclusively employed and paid from public funds.
    6. The Charter is EXHAUSTIVE and specific. How ever not even 1% of laid down task is performed by these bodies and NO BODY RAISES any questions . IT IS ENTIRELY DUE TO IGNORANCE ON PART OF SERVING AND RETIRED ARMED FORCES PERSONNEL .
    7. To quote a specific example-
    (a) The charter says that RSBs will Hold ESM rallies and pension adalats to propogate various concessions and setlle matters on the spot.
    (b) The GOC in C Comd, FOC IN C and Aoc in C are vice chairmen of RSB
    (c) How ever when a rally is announced at a Distt Hq , The Local Fmn Cdr says that HE HAS GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ESM RALLY !